A downloadable game for Windows

Michał Ertner- Sir Enter (Level Design, Game Design, UI)

Przemek Piasecki - Sir.Sandman (Sound & Music Design, Programming)

Adam Małek - Kozun (Shader VFX, Programming)

Maciek Golec - NecroMac (UI,Programming)

Michał Magdziarz - Laufes (Particle VFX, Programming)

Ewelina Kmita - Po prostu Ewelina (All the Graphics)

Compete with  friends in this Sprite-animated, Top-down arena shooter!  Each player gets certain color during the match  and can become invisible when walking into the field with that color. Also inside this field the player can teleport to another field on the map with that color. 

Run, hide and shoot to win! 

DualShock 4, X-360 and X-One controllers compatible


ShaderSoldiers.rar 14 MB